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2768bb00-1186-4e09-b675-aab8a625e759 Gencor 95 posts

I am getting tired of seeing Phyllis used in the never ending, constantly boring Sharon/Nick/Adam debacle! Phyllis is a stellar character on Y&R and should have her own story! She belongs with Nick and this merry go round the writers have created with Phyllis always in the orbit of the saga on life support with Nick and Sharon and Adam is totally not working for me and other viewers. The whole Diane and Nick thing is a total disaster from beginning to end. I say cut through the garbage and get Phyllis back with Nick and get on with it. These two have a chemistry off the charts and the couple is so dynamic that they need thier own love story and storylines! I can’t imagine any writers worth it that would pass up this masterful opportunity to make these two daytimes most powerful couple. They have the chemistry, the fire and the opportunity to blow Y&R right to the top of the charts! Get with it Y&R and get the message. Phyllis and Nick need good writing and some really creative know how to put these two where they belong on the show. They rock!

0c80095c-17ad-4bbd-a661-82416098ea8c sethheartsliz 1 post

Nick and Phyllis definetly have the chemistry!I think its very big of Phyllis to try and help find evidence to clear Sharon, as I don’t think Sharon would do the same! So tired of seeing Sharon as the damsel in distress who Nick always has to save, gets old real fast. Phyllis is independant and strong and a much better match for Nick!

40e26fe6-5276-402d-b412-f47251b18858 2Much 1 post

I think Phyllis is a little too “fabulous” to be with Nick. She’s soooo much better a character with Jack. Nick and Phyllis is just sex and that is completely played out now. It’s time to let Phick stay buried so Nick and Phyllis, can continue growing as characters APART. For the past 5 or so years, Nick and Phyllis have revolved around Sharon because, IMO, they are just not strong enough of a couple to stand on their own without Sharon (and now Sharon and Adam). The last time Phick tried to carry an episode on their own, it tanked. Phick has their fans, for sure, but I believe the majority of Y&R fans are bored to death with Phick and think they should stay apart. Both Nick and Phyllis as characters are so much better apart. No, no more Phick. Let that ship sail on.

2768bb00-1186-4e09-b675-aab8a625e759 Gencor 95 posts

We have waited long enough! Phyllis and Nick need to be back together now. It is time for Nick to realize that he lost the best thing that ever happened to him and go back and put his family with Phyllis back together. Summer, Lucy and Faith need a stable home with both a father and a mother and Nick and Phyllis are perfect. Jack was never right for Phyllis. She always knew that he would never love her or any woman as much as he hated Victor and that has always proven out to be true and Jack knows now that Phyllis will always be in love with Nick, even though she will always love Jack. Nick need this time to see for himself that Sharon was a cheap tramp and that is all she will ever be. What he had in his mind and was trying to hold onto was a fantasy that he made up in his own mind and now that he has seen what a goof ball tramp Sharon is, he needs to wake up and realize that he let the best thing in his life go for something that never was and isn’t even real. What he had with Phyllis is real. They were and are still very much in love. He told that to Phyllis when they were together. He never wanted her to leave him. Well, now it is time that he goes and fights to get her back. Phyllis and Nick are right for each other and they need to get back together. This couple have so much fire between them, they can make thier own 4th of July! They stayed number one on the charts as favorite couple for over 22 weeks and running strong. Until the writers tried to destroy them, they were the hottest couple on daytime. Sharon and Nick are dead and they should just stay dead. Trying to breath life support into this couple is like trying to keep the dead alive by force. It just isn’t pretty or sexy. Thier time has past. It is sad to try to force these two when they just don’t fit anymore. They have grown pathetic and no amount of force is going to change that. They just don’t have any chemistry anymore. They are not kids in highschool anymore and Sharon has been rode hard and put out to pasture from the years of milage. They cheat and that is not hot. It is just disgusting. Phyllis and Nick have the sparks, the sizzle. They are exciting and fun. They break the bordom and hum drum of daily soaps. They have the chemistry and you don’t have to force them. They are just so natural. They belong together and they deserve thier own story. They don’t need the tramp. They just need great writing like they had when they were first created. They need a writer who understands real romance like the writers who created them. This couple is off the charts, they are just that great. They don’t need to prop up Sharon anymore either. If she is going to surivive on this show, the writers need to find her a spot and write for it. Her character has needed a change or years now. This is as good a time as any to move her off into a new direction with Adam. They belong together.

5eab716f-a7f5-4e34-81ac-87a4bc044eaa Shakethatthing1 24 posts

Phyllis s/u/c/k/s. that’s all there is to it!

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